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Dominate SERPs in your niche with authority backlinks. Our strategically-selected backlinks come from contextual, niche-specific, high DA sites with strong traffic.



Your Link Building Partner for Massive Growth

Content only gets you so far. If you want to outrank the competition, you need to acquire backlinks to show search engines your site is authoritative. But building authority backlinks requires time and expertise.


That’s where we come in. Since 2017, we’ve built over 25,000 backlinks for hundreds of clients. Our clients have experienced massive and sustainable SEO growth with our backlinks.


Our deep experience means we understand which links will move the needle most for your site. As your link building partner, NicheSites works on your behalf to acquire backlinks that are contextual, high-traffic, niche-specific, and authoritative.


Backlinks With Unbeatable Quality Control

We have an extensive screening process to ensure we deliver quality backlinks.


At a high level, we ensure our authority backlinks come from niche-specific, in-content links on high-traffic websites—not a PBN or a linkfarm. We prioritize links from websites with strong organic traffic and a high DA/DR.


Here’s how we maintain backlink quality:

  • Niche-specific websites
  • No “Write for Us” pages
  • Not a link farm or a PBN
  • Sites with 5,000 – 30,000+ organic traffic per month
  • No sites with a high DA but low organic traffic
  • Secure websites with HTTPS
  • No prior history of Google penalty


You have the ability to approve domains before placement, and you only pay for links you approve. We create 1,000+ word articles for each placement with content written by native English speakers.

We assign you a dedicated account manager. You can watch the progress of your project through a user-friendly dashboard.


Why Quality Backlinks Matter

Niche-relevant, high-authority backlinks increase your domain authority and search rankings. But not all backlinks are the same. Even just a few spammy links in your backlink profile can signal to Google that your site can’t be trusted. Your website may be penalized as a result.


If you want to sustainably grow your organic traffic for the long term, backlink quality matters. A handful of high-quality, relevant backlinks can help you outrank sites with hundreds of low-quality backlinks.


Google prefers quality over quantity. Our authority backlinks service helps you avoid the losses in traffic and Google penalties that come with spammy backlinks.


Our Promise

We provide you with carefully chosen backlinks from high-authority sites with strong traffic. Each link is hand-picked for your niche site—acquired and vetted by SEO experts who have successfully done it over and over again.

High Authority Backlinks

Low-quality backlinks put your website at risk. We’re incredibly selective about the sites we secure backlinks from. You only receive high-authority backlinks that drive results for your site.

You Approve, We Proceed

With our service, you only pay for the domains that you approve. We give you the chance to review each link before confirming placement. Unlike some services, we never surprise you with unwanted links.

Links from High-Traffic Websites—Guaranteed

If a website has high authority but low traffic, that can be a red flag and a signal that a backlink from that site could be counterproductive. We provide backlinks from websites with guaranteed traffic. You can choose from a preferred traffic range of 5,000-30,000+.

Relevant to Your Niche

The most powerful backlinks are those that are closely related to your niche. We provide link placement on niche-specific referring domains, create topically relevant content, and strategically choose anchor text according to SEO best practices.

1000+ Words of Quality Content

With every link, you get 1,000+ words of content tailored to the needs of your backlink. Our experienced writers make sure the content is relevant and SEO-compliant.

Reporting & Accountability

During your onboarding process, we assign an SEO expert to help you with SEO audits, keyword research, strategy, reporting, and more.

Numbers Don’t Lie

We’ve helped hundreds of clients secure tens of thousands of quality backlinks.
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Clients Served
We’ve helped over 700 clients to grow their organic traffic.
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Backlinks Built
We’ve secured over 25,000 backlinks and counting.
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Positive Feedback
Clients love working with us and rave about our quality service.

How It Works

Getting started is easy

Choose A Plan

You choose your plan and share details about your project. One of our SEO experts onboards you and takes it from there.

Secure Placement

Based on the details you submit, we find niche-specific, high-quality opportunities for backlink placement.

Domain Approval

Your account manager shares hand-picked backlink options with you. You confirm whether to proceed or not with placement for each domain. You only pay for the domains you approve.

Content Writing

Our expert writers and editors craft relevant, engaging content tailored to the needs of your backlink.

Backlink Publication

We publish the guest post with a link back to your target URL.


Track the progress of the project on your dashboard. We provide a final report once the full project is complete.


Packages & Pricing

Choose the option that works best for you
Hear From Your Peers

What Our Happy Clients Say

<span style="font-size: 18px">-Jeff Lenny, </span>
-Jeff Lenny, Affilaite Marketer and SEO Expert
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I LOVE the fact that I can approve or deny each domain, AND they take suggestions from me (and use them) to make the links and results even better! You don't get that kind of control with the other guys, I love NicheSites!
<span style="font-size: 18px">-Doug Cunnington, </span>
-Doug Cunnington, NicheSiteProject
Read More
NicheSites, you did an awesome job with my campaign. The process was easy and I got links to the exact pages that I wanted with the exact anchor text. The sites had way more organic traffic than I expected, plus I got to choose the sites I liked best. So I was able to pick the most relevant sites for my guest post. Being able to choose and approve the site is a game changer for topic relevancy. I can’t believe how fast the whole process was.
<span style="font-size: 18px">-Chris Labbate, </span>
-Chris Labbate, CEO, SEOBank
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Great links at the right price point, the guys at NicheSites deviler quality and can help any small to medium size business with their ranking strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying backlinks explicitly goes against Google’s guidelines. But it can take ages to wait for high-quality sites to link to you naturally—no matter how strong your content is.


What’s the solution?


You need to reach out to relevant websites to find win-win backlink opportunities.


Outreach is one of the safest methods of link building. Contextual backlinks with naturally occurring anchor text and a relevant domain is exactly what Google wants to see in your backlink profile.


But doing this outreach by yourself is a huge drain on your time.


At, we don’t sell or buy backlinks. Instead, we create relationships with other high-authority websites on your behalf. We secure backlinks with care and build long-term relationships that benefit all parties.

No. Link farms and PBNs (private blog networks) often provide backlink lists, but services like these publish random content regardless of the relevance or value.


Our approach is different. We understand that Google only rewards topically-relevant backlinks from real websites with organic traffic. Building relationships with other website owners is the only way to acquire natural backlinks that sustainably and safely grow your site.


Although we don’t provide lists, you get to see and approve each link placement before we publish.

We do! Content is the key to making sure your link placement drives results. Our experienced in-house team knows how to write topically-relevant content with naturally-occuring anchor text according to the latest SEO best practices.


Publishing engaging content is key. We take the articles we create for backlink placement as seriously as any other content we create. Each article has a minimum of 1,000+ words and is well-researched, value-driven, and includes relevant graphics and images.

Sure. Just shoot us a message and we’ll send over samples.

We work with all niches except Adult, Gambling, Casino, Betting, Firearms, and other sensitive topics.


We use natural, branded, or naked URL anchors. We’re open to anchor text suggestions based on your preferences, as long as they’re in line with SEO best practices.

Our normal turnaround time is 20-25 days. Some link placements take more or less time depending on the editorial calendar of each website.

Your site’s rankings don’t depend only on backlinks.

Rankings are complex and include:

  • The competitiveness of the keyword you are targeting.
  • The overall on-page optimization of your website.
  • The quality of your content.
  • Your off-page optimization strategy.


Assuming the other elements affecting your rankings are set up properly, you should expect positive results within a few months of working with us. Depending on your competition, you may need to make an ongoing investment in backlinks in order to remain competitive. If you’re in a particularly competitive industry, it may take additional time to improve your rankings.


Taking all of the above into account, we’ll do our best to provide a time estimate for how long it may take for your website to meet your ranking goals.

Yes. We will provide a full refund if you ask for it before work has started. There are no refunds once we start your campaign.

Book Your Free 30 Minute Consultation

During your free 30-minute Exploratory Consultation, we’ll aim to give you three valuable takeaways:

Our initial diagnosis of any challenges you may have with your current efforts.

Suggestions on quick wins you can implement to get better results.

How we can help you get the results you want faster.